We’re Havin’ a BABY!

Officially in the 2nd Trimester!
March 5, 2008, 4:25 pm
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Wowsers! I can’t believe I actually made it to the second trimester! I’m now just over 13 weeks pregnant.  I guess that means I’m a third of the way through my pregnancy. Crazy.

The ultrasound was really fun. There really is only one baby in there, which is good, because I really don’t think we could afford more than that right now!  I’m a bit relieved.  It would have been really cool and fun to have twins, but God knows what He’s doing for sure.  The baby was stubborn and wouldn’t turn the right way, so I had to go back 3 days later for another ultrasound, so they could get a certain measurement.

I got pictures, but am trying to figure out how to put them up here.  They aren’t digital, so we have to be creative. They are so awesome. I’m sure I sound like the total mom here, but the baby is so beautiful. Chris describes it as more of a lump with a head, hands and feet.  I just can’t believe there’s a real actual human being growing inside me.  I kinda feel like an alien… haha.

When I told my mom it was only one, and that the family twin genes must not have passed on to me, she laughed and said, “well this is only your first, remember”. Yikes!

Oh yeah, and we’ve narrowed down our names… for a girl we like Evelyn Isabella Ricci, and for a boy we like Aidan Jeremiah Ricci, or Isaac ____ (something) Ricci.  It’s hilarious when people ask if we’ve chosen names, and I tell them the ones we like, and they look at me with like a blank stare and odd smile, saying, oh yes, those are nice…

It’s pretty obvious not everyone loves the same names (otherwise we’d all be naming our kids the exact same things, and that would get confusing). I just love chuckling inwardly at the awkwardness people exude when the are thinking to themselves, “ew, that’s so ugly/boring/weird/normal/, but smile and nod so you don’t hurt her feelings”. Hahaha! I don’t mind that people have different taste in names. In fact, I’m glad.  I’m still considering finding more unique names, but I haven’t found any I totally love yet.


Ultrasound Tomorrow – The Plot Thickens…
February 27, 2008, 4:38 pm
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So last night my mom told me that my Nana was going through some old pictures and things from generations back.  She remembered that there were actually two sets of natural triplets on my great-grandmother’s side, and on my great-granddaddy’s side there were two sets of twins!

I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.  I’ll be thrilled either way. I feel way blessed to even have one!