We’re Havin’ a BABY!

I’m Now Allowed to Have a Baby…
August 22, 2008, 2:15 pm
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Apparently I’m now full-term (Full-term is 37 weeks according to my doctor), so I’m “allowed” to have this baby any day now. It’s such a weird feeling, going to sleep at night wondering if I’ll wake up at 3am with contractions!  I’ve been having lots of Braxton-Hicks contractions, which doesn’t mean anything about when I’ll go into labour… but they sure do make me think about it more!

I don’t really feel anxious to get this baby out though. I’m kind of enjoying these last weeks/days.  I am trying to burn into my mind how the kicks and bumps feel, so that I never forget. This is my first pregnancy, and it’s such a special and amazing time in my life. I don’t want to take any moment for granted. I’m also working for one more week, so hoping to get at least that far.

I had a doctor’s appointment today, which took all of like 6 minutes to determine that everything’s normal, and that baby is welcome to arrive anytime he or she pleases. I am certainly thankful for an easy and complication-free pregnancy. What a blessing!!!

I get to meet my baby soon! YEAH!


Waiting so patiently… (or trying at least!)

I am 33 weeks pregnant… and I am seriously amazed at how quickly time is flying. Honestly I thought it was still like the beginning of July, and today I go to work and discover that the date is July 21, 2008. YIKES!

I went to the doctor today (I’ve been going every two weeks since late June). After my next appointment on August 8, I start going every week… and then only a few weeks later… blast-off! (Chris has taken to calling it blast-off… not sure how I feel about that, haha!). Anyway, the baby is great – she/he has rolled over and the back is now on my left side, so that explains why I get kicked all the time in my right rib 🙂

It’s been getting more and more interesting to walk… it’s kind of uncomfortable – there’s more pressure in my groin area, and my hips feel like they are getting disjointed (which is apparently normal, in preparation for labour & delivery!). I’ve also been so tired (although not like the first trimester which was brutal), and I’ve been HOTTER than I’ve ever been. Um, yeah, I was referring to body temperature, although Chris tells me I’m hot in that other way too. He’s a wonderful husband (must be the married-to-a-crazy-hormonal-preggo-lady instinct that God blessed him with).

Ummm, let’s see what else… the baby room is getting readier and readier (is that a word?!)… which one would think would cause the parents-to-be to also feel readier and readier. However… I am torn between feeling SOOOOO excited to meet my baby!!!! and totally terrified about being a mom!!!! Is everything going to go ok with delivery? Can I really survive labour? What’s it feel like? Will my baby be healthy & ok? Will the baby love me as much as I hope to love him/her? Is it a boy or girl?? So many questions running around in my mind! I could go on for awhile…

I had a photo shoot done with honey bunch, me and the belly (first family photos!). My sister took the photos, and I love the way they turned out. Here are a couple of my favorites:

can't wait to meet you baby!

can't wait to meet you baby!

30 Weeks Has Come And Gone!
July 4, 2008, 1:41 am
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Well, I was officially 30 weeks pregnant on Canada Day. Yay! Less than 10 weeks left now until my due date… and since I am actually considered full-term at 38 weeks (the due date is at 40 weeks), there are only 8 weeks until I am full-term! Yikes!

I’ve been feeling more and more tired as the third trimester goes on.  Swollen ankles, sore back, the usual pregnancy complaints.  But overall I’m just really excited to meet my baby soon!

The baby has been moving and kicking SO much lately.  Especially during the day when I am sitting still at my desk at work – I look down and see my stomach jumping and moving… it’s so great! I love it 🙂

Hmmm… what else to say. This is a boring post. But I felt obligated to write a 30 week update, since it’s kinda a milestone.

Oh yeah, I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning.  I go every 2 weeks now.

OH! And I went camping! I’m gonna write a separate post about it…

I’ve Been Shot.
June 25, 2008, 1:38 am
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Once in each arm, and once in the heiny, to be specific.

At my last doctor’s appointment (Friday, June 20), in addition to the usual torturous weigh-in, the belly measuring (I’m “normal size”), blood pressure, listening to the heartbeat, and assuring me my swollen ankles are normal, the doctor had me go for my glucose tolerance test AND my RH shot.

Basically I had to go to the 4th floor of the hospital (my dr’s office is on the 2nd), where a really nice nurse stole blood from my left arm (she called me dear and her needle didn’t hurt).  Then I had to drink a not-so-terrible orange fizzy drink (as quickly as possible).  Then I went downstairs to have my regular doctor’s appointment, with the tortuous weigh-in and all.  THEN we (Chris is with me at every appointment) had time to kill because I had to wait an hour after drinking that stuff.  So we walked around the hospital, trying not to go places where we weren’t supposed to be.  THEN we went back upstairs at the stroke of 9:40am, where a different nurse stole MORE blood from my right arm, and she wasn’t very friendly, and she didn’t call me dear, and her needle really hurt, and left a bruise.  Then we went downstairs to the “assessment room” where we saw women in various stages of labor (the room where you go directly when you arrive at the hospital when you’re in labor), and it was kind of scary.  BUT they have reclining armchairs, which Chris and I both think is fairly brilliant, cuz if a woman in labor doesn’t need them, then ain’t nobody needs ’em.  THEN we waited a while… THEN a nurse took me behind a curtain, instructed me to expose my heiny, and she SHOT me.  That one really hurt. But I don’t wanna be a wimp, because pretty soon I have to go through labor, and I’m suspecting it will be a fair bit worse.

But still, that’s my story.  If you read this far, congratulations, you have too much time on your hands.

25 weeks today… 15 to go…
May 27, 2008, 12:50 pm
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Actually there are only 13 weeks until the baby is considered full-term.  13 WEEKS!!! Holy macaroni! We got the baby room all painted last week.  The Coker’s, Carson’s, and Laura all came over to help paint while I sat on my butt in the living room trying not to breathe paint fumes.  It was quite the crazy day.  We’ve now got our dresser/change table – the one we picked out from our registry. Chris’s Granddad decided to buy us a baby gift, and he had it delivered to our house! We were (pleasantly) very surprised! It’s gorgeous and lovely and perfect. We also picked up the crib from someone Serena knows (they gave it to us for free!), and it’s beautiful!

The room is slowly coming together, and I can’t wait to see it finished.  Each step closer makes it more and more real to me.

I’m getting bigger and bigger as the days go on.  It’s amazing to me how I just keep growing!  I went to my latest doctor’s appointment last Friday,  and he said that next time I come (June 20) I have to do a glucose screening test for gestational diabetes, and get an RH shot, since my blood is Rh negative (I have A-neg blood).  Yay for needles.  (Can you sense my excitement? *cough*).  A small price to pay for my baby though!

Hmmm… I don’t really know what else to say. I’m just watching to days go by quickly… hoping I’ll be all ready by the time September gets here, and that I can accomplish certain goals in my job before I leave.  After that, I have absolutely no idea what my life will look like. I have no clue what it’s like. It’s like I landed a huge job with absolutely no experience, no training, and no way to prepare.  I have ideas of what I want it to be like, but who knows what will actually happen! I guess I’ll find out soon enough 🙂

15 Weeks…
March 18, 2008, 10:53 pm
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Yup. I’m 15 weeks today. Amazing! It’s really speeding up now (although I hear it’s back to super-slow for the last month or so). The 2nd trimester is pretty fun. Most of the articles and sites I’ve checked out say that the second trimester is way easier than the first and third because the exhaustion and morning sickness from the first trimester is over (hopefully!), and you aren’t so huge yet that you’re really uncomfortable. I’m loving the little belly I have now that’s obvious in most clothes (except my winter coat 🙂 It’s fun! And I may take this back in 5 months time… but I’m excited to get the huge belly!

I went to the doctor yesterday for my second check-up.  Got weighed (gained 5 pounds, which is right on target), heard the heartbeat (strong and normal), and booked my detailed ultrasound (April 17th).  Yay!

In other news…

Weird Pregnancy Symptom of the Week: (sorry if it grosses you out) gagging and heaving when I brush my teeth (or more specifically my tongue). Yeah, my gag reflex is stronger than ever (even though I didn’t really have any morning sickness). Brushing my teeth has now become an olympic event whereby I attempt to get all the gross out of my mouth in 4.8 seconds or less. Apparently this is common in pregnant women. Who knew?!

12 Weeks Today!
February 26, 2008, 5:21 pm
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Wow! It’s so surreal… I thought time would go slower than molasses running uphill. But it’s seriously flown by! I hope the next 6 months fly by as quickly.

2 days until my first ultrasound. I’m really excited for that.  I just hope to be reassured that everything’s ok.

I’ll post a pic of my little belly soon!