We’re Havin’ a BABY!

The first day (39 weeks).

Today I am 39 weeks (and one day, since we’re going with the 8th as my due date).

Today is the first day I am staying at home.  I had my last day at work. I’m not going back. It feels weird. And sad. And weird. And did I mention that this is a very strange feeling?

I have been wanting this for practically my whole life, and today is the first day. Oh my… no pressure or anything though! I guess the REAL job starts when I bring baby home… but today feels significant to me anyway.

How I’m doing: I am soooo tired, and yet I can’t lie in bed too long, because I can’t stay comfortable, and it’s difficult to even roll over.  My whole pelvic area is sore, because there’s so much pressure from the baby… and my belly is so heavy! I am definitely ready to be done being pregnant! I wouldn’t say I’m miserable…. in fact I am trying desperately to enjoy these last days, since everyone tells me I will miss it (being pregnant). But I really just want to meet this baby!!!

It certainly is interesting, being about to pop. I kinda feel like a circus attraction. People don’t really know what to say when my giganticness comes waddling by.  Most people are pretty nice though.  Here’s what most people ask me:

1) How much longer? To which I say… only ____ weeks/days…and yes, we’re very excited!

2) Oh wow… so are you ready? To which I say… umm.. the room is ready… but mentally I have no idea how to be ready… how can you be ready for the complete unknown?

3) How are you feeling? To which I give a vague answer of ok/good/tired (do they REALLY want to know all about my sore pelvic joints, or my gigantic swollen ankles, or the fact that I feel like the biggest wuss ever when I can’t walk further than a block without being totally exhausted?? probably not…)

4) Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl? To which Chris says, yes, it is. And then grins cuz he thinks he’s clever. And then has to explain that no, we don’t know the gender, but we’re figuring that yes it’s one or the other. haha.

I can’t think of a number 5, so this will have to suffice. These are the main ones. And am I allowed to say that I’m getting tired of answering them? No, I probably shouldn’t say that. Those are the grouchy pregnant hormones talking. Honestly though, it’s been nice to know that so many people care and are interested in this little babe inside me.

It’ll be nice when all the attention is on baby though. And that can happen ANYTIME now as far as I’m concerned! (Did you hear that, God?)…



Waiting so patiently… (or trying at least!)

I am 33 weeks pregnant… and I am seriously amazed at how quickly time is flying. Honestly I thought it was still like the beginning of July, and today I go to work and discover that the date is July 21, 2008. YIKES!

I went to the doctor today (I’ve been going every two weeks since late June). After my next appointment on August 8, I start going every week… and then only a few weeks later… blast-off! (Chris has taken to calling it blast-off… not sure how I feel about that, haha!). Anyway, the baby is great – she/he has rolled over and the back is now on my left side, so that explains why I get kicked all the time in my right rib 🙂

It’s been getting more and more interesting to walk… it’s kind of uncomfortable – there’s more pressure in my groin area, and my hips feel like they are getting disjointed (which is apparently normal, in preparation for labour & delivery!). I’ve also been so tired (although not like the first trimester which was brutal), and I’ve been HOTTER than I’ve ever been. Um, yeah, I was referring to body temperature, although Chris tells me I’m hot in that other way too. He’s a wonderful husband (must be the married-to-a-crazy-hormonal-preggo-lady instinct that God blessed him with).

Ummm, let’s see what else… the baby room is getting readier and readier (is that a word?!)… which one would think would cause the parents-to-be to also feel readier and readier. However… I am torn between feeling SOOOOO excited to meet my baby!!!! and totally terrified about being a mom!!!! Is everything going to go ok with delivery? Can I really survive labour? What’s it feel like? Will my baby be healthy & ok? Will the baby love me as much as I hope to love him/her? Is it a boy or girl?? So many questions running around in my mind! I could go on for awhile…

I had a photo shoot done with honey bunch, me and the belly (first family photos!). My sister took the photos, and I love the way they turned out. Here are a couple of my favorites:

can't wait to meet you baby!

can't wait to meet you baby!

Dreaming in Pink
March 14, 2008, 6:07 pm
Filed under: boy or girl?, stupid old wive's tales, well meaning strangers

I don’t have a preference for one gender over the other, but last night I had a dream it was a girl. It was weird – it involved diagrams and pictures somehow derived from my ultrasound.

The cashier at Motherhood Maternity in Yorkdale Mall is also convinced it’s a girl. The one time I met her, while purchasing my new dress, she eyed my belly and the following conversation ensued:

Cashier: “You’re having a girl”

Me: “Oh really? How can you tell?” (trying to be polite, as I think all the old wive’s tales on gender prediction are a bunch of hooey).

Cashier: “The way you’re carrying. Oh! Let me check my Chinese Astrological (something-er-other) Predictor Book” (She flips through…) “What month did you conceive in?”

Me: “Uh.. December”

Cashier: “And how old are you?”

Me: “24”

Cashier: “Yup, you’re definitely having a girl. I’ve only been wrong 2 or 3 times in 3 years”.

Me: (thinking silently to myself: “out of how many predictions, five?”)