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No, I’m Not in Labour…
September 5, 2008, 1:58 am
Filed under: labour, so stinkin' tired, Waiting

There are what, 4 days left? My brain is a bit fuzzy these days. I just wanted to note that it’s so nice to have encouraging comments (see previous post’s comments) from friends. It’s the small things sometimes, really.

I’ve been having slight pains and aches and cramps the last few days, especially today… every single one of which makes me wonder if it’s early labour… or just aches and pains that go with being nearly 40 weeks pregnant. I wish I knew what my labour pains will feel like… hopefully it’s true that I’ll just “know” that I’m in labour when it happens… (?)

I’ve been drinking red raspberry leaf tea, which people say can help bring on labour, and tonight I had curry for dinner. Perhaps that will work… who knows.

Waiting (as patiently as I can)…


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When I went into labour with Stephen I’ll be honest, I wasn’t totally sure at first if it was labour. But after a little while it was obvious. It’s hard to explain, but you will figure it out. Kind of like bad period cramps in a way. My labour went fairly quickly, but for others if can be longer. Hope it’s quick for you.

Comment by Krista

LOL…i can just see you hoping around the house drinking tea and getting foot rubs…
if that baby has ANY of your genes in ’em…they are good to come when they are dang well good and ready…and NOT any sooner. lol. 🙂

Comment by naomi

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