We’re Havin’ a BABY!

Reverse Psychology Does NOT Work on God.
September 14, 2008, 9:03 pm
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Last night as I was trying to get comfortable in bed, trying to fall asleep, I was having a conversation with myself in my head. Yeah. I know you do it too, don’t even try to deny it…

Anyway, so I found myself saying the following to myself:

“Tomorrow I’ll be six days overdue. That’s a really long time. I know, many women have gone longer than that (like 2 weeks… or 3 if you’re my mom and pregnant with me). Nonetheless 6 days is long. Especially when all you’re doing is sitting at home, bored, without plans. Because who would make plans for 6 days after they are SUPPOSED to be giving birth? People with divine foreknowledge, I guess.”

“Anyway, I don’t even think that this baby is going to come on his or her own. I think the doctor is just going to have to induce my labour, and get this baby out of me, because it’s not like I’m going to go into labour on my own. I simply don’t believe it’s gonna happen. Yup, I’d be shocked, astounded even, if I went into labour right.. NOW…”

3 or 4 seconds pass…

“Oh my word. I can’t believe I just tried to do reverse psychology on God. Yeah, I was totally hoping that He would hear my thoughts (since he’s God and all, he does that), and see fit to prove me wrong and show me how powerful he is by making me go into labour at that very moment. Sorta like “oh yes I can make you go into labour, here… I’ll prove it to you right… NOW!”.

Now don’t get me wrong – it wasn’t like I laid down to sleep and thought to myself “Well walking, spicy food, and raspberry leaf tea haven’t worked, so I think I’ll try doing a reverse psychology bit on God to bring on labour.” I just realized what I was doing after the fact.

And then I felt very silly. Obviously God knows my thoughts better than I do, and He even knows the future. He even knew I would write a blog post about this. Weird. Yeah, He obviously doesn’t need to prove Himself to me…

Oh goodness, He must totally be up there laughing at me right now. I mean giggling uncontrollably at my seriously ridiculous ideas.

I get the feeling He does that alot.


September 9, 2008, 1:31 am
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Apparently dear sweet baby of mine didn’t get the memo that today was the day to vacate the premises. Will this baby ever come out?

September 5, 2008, 6:44 pm
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All I got last night from the curry was heartburn that woke me up in the night.


Come out baby, come out!!!

No, I’m Not in Labour…
September 5, 2008, 1:58 am
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There are what, 4 days left? My brain is a bit fuzzy these days. I just wanted to note that it’s so nice to have encouraging comments (see previous post’s comments) from friends. It’s the small things sometimes, really.

I’ve been having slight pains and aches and cramps the last few days, especially today… every single one of which makes me wonder if it’s early labour… or just aches and pains that go with being nearly 40 weeks pregnant. I wish I knew what my labour pains will feel like… hopefully it’s true that I’ll just “know” that I’m in labour when it happens… (?)

I’ve been drinking red raspberry leaf tea, which people say can help bring on labour, and tonight I had curry for dinner. Perhaps that will work… who knows.

Waiting (as patiently as I can)…

Counting Down: 5 days
September 3, 2008, 7:55 pm
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I am due this Monday. Not that that means anything, since less than 15% of women actually deliver on their due dates. But it’s gonna happen sooner or later… I just hope it’s sooner.

I am sooooo tired… and it’s a depressing thought that I will be even more tired when baby is here. Shall I just resign myself to the idea of not being rested again for the next 20 years or so? (This is where I try really hard to think positive thoughts)…

I think I’m gonna go take a nap.

The first day (39 weeks).

Today I am 39 weeks (and one day, since we’re going with the 8th as my due date).

Today is the first day I am staying at home.  I had my last day at work. I’m not going back. It feels weird. And sad. And weird. And did I mention that this is a very strange feeling?

I have been wanting this for practically my whole life, and today is the first day. Oh my… no pressure or anything though! I guess the REAL job starts when I bring baby home… but today feels significant to me anyway.

How I’m doing: I am soooo tired, and yet I can’t lie in bed too long, because I can’t stay comfortable, and it’s difficult to even roll over.  My whole pelvic area is sore, because there’s so much pressure from the baby… and my belly is so heavy! I am definitely ready to be done being pregnant! I wouldn’t say I’m miserable…. in fact I am trying desperately to enjoy these last days, since everyone tells me I will miss it (being pregnant). But I really just want to meet this baby!!!

It certainly is interesting, being about to pop. I kinda feel like a circus attraction. People don’t really know what to say when my giganticness comes waddling by.  Most people are pretty nice though.  Here’s what most people ask me:

1) How much longer? To which I say… only ____ weeks/days…and yes, we’re very excited!

2) Oh wow… so are you ready? To which I say… umm.. the room is ready… but mentally I have no idea how to be ready… how can you be ready for the complete unknown?

3) How are you feeling? To which I give a vague answer of ok/good/tired (do they REALLY want to know all about my sore pelvic joints, or my gigantic swollen ankles, or the fact that I feel like the biggest wuss ever when I can’t walk further than a block without being totally exhausted?? probably not…)

4) Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl? To which Chris says, yes, it is. And then grins cuz he thinks he’s clever. And then has to explain that no, we don’t know the gender, but we’re figuring that yes it’s one or the other. haha.

I can’t think of a number 5, so this will have to suffice. These are the main ones. And am I allowed to say that I’m getting tired of answering them? No, I probably shouldn’t say that. Those are the grouchy pregnant hormones talking. Honestly though, it’s been nice to know that so many people care and are interested in this little babe inside me.

It’ll be nice when all the attention is on baby though. And that can happen ANYTIME now as far as I’m concerned! (Did you hear that, God?)…