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Ultrasound Tomorrow – The Plot Thickens…
February 27, 2008, 4:38 pm
Filed under: twins & triplets, ultrasound

So last night my mom told me that my Nana was going through some old pictures and things from generations back.  She remembered that there were actually two sets of natural triplets on my great-grandmother’s side, and on my great-granddaddy’s side there were two sets of twins!

I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.  I’ll be thrilled either way. I feel way blessed to even have one!


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Oh wow! That is soo cool! I can’t wait to hear more tomorrow!

Comment by Krista

you’ll have to tell my mom that too!

Comment by naomi

Beth! I just heard! congratulations, I’m so happy for you!

Comment by Larissa

oh so exciting.. I can’t wait to find out how many is in your belly.. you shall and will be an awesome mom!!!

Comment by Sarah

Hi Chris & Beth. Just to let you know we’re still waiting for ultra sound results. Hope they aren’t still trying to pick you up off the floor from news of triplets!! I’ve just booked my flight to Toronto from May 5 to 19. I look forward to seeing you then. Love K&G

Comment by Karen & Gary

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