We’re Havin’ a BABY!

Ultrasound Tomorrow – The Plot Thickens…
February 27, 2008, 4:38 pm
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So last night my mom told me that my Nana was going through some old pictures and things from generations back.  She remembered that there were actually two sets of natural triplets on my great-grandmother’s side, and on my great-granddaddy’s side there were two sets of twins!

I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.  I’ll be thrilled either way. I feel way blessed to even have one!


12 Weeks Today!
February 26, 2008, 5:21 pm
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Wow! It’s so surreal… I thought time would go slower than molasses running uphill. But it’s seriously flown by! I hope the next 6 months fly by as quickly.

2 days until my first ultrasound. I’m really excited for that.  I just hope to be reassured that everything’s ok.

I’ll post a pic of my little belly soon!

First Pre-Natal Appointment – 10 weeks, 3 days
February 15, 2008, 11:39 pm
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So there really is a baby in there! I think I had some doubts before today, but I heard a heartbeat, and Chris heard it too! It was amazing. I will never forget that sound! It made me feel all tingly all over!

The doctor said it was highly unlikely to hear the heartbeat this early, but we may as well try. 2 seconds later… “ba-bump-ba-bump-ba-bump”… realllly fast. He said “is there any chance you have your dates off a bit?” (I’m almost certain of the dates). He said “well maybe there’s more than one in there” (Triplets run in my family – cousins of my Nana).

Wouldn’t that be amazing?! Well all I’m asking for is one, but if there’s more than one, that’d be awesome too! (or “two”… haha.. ha.. ahem… does pregnancy make you tell lame jokes too, doc?)

I am going for an ultrasound and blood work next week. That’ll be exciting!!!

And the race is on! I’m more than a quarter of the way through my pregnancy now!

19 hits?
February 5, 2008, 11:45 pm
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Well that’s just weird. A few less than 19 random strangers have stumbled upon my blog and discovered my secret, according to my blog hits counter.  I’ve only told like 3 people about this blog.  It’s currently a SECRET blog.  But apparently not to like 16 other strangers in the world.

Yay for Stretchy Pants – 9 weeks
February 5, 2008, 11:39 pm
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Before I delve into the wonders of pants with stretchy material panels at the top, I feel obligated to update you on the crisis of my last post.  I was able to satisfy my sushi craving last week by going to my favorite all-you-can-eat place and having all of the non-raw fish items on the menu.  Dynamite Roll is my favorite (avocado and shrimp tempura with a bit of spicy sauce)… and I ate enough to last me a good while.  Craving crisis averted… for now.

I’ve been wearing maternity clothes for almost a week now.  I got a bunch of amazing deals (don’t ever pay regular price for maternity clothes!!) – for anyone who cares, I will list them here:

– a pair of GAP cords – reg. price 59.98 – got them for 9.98 / a pair of GAP sweatpants – reg. price I think was 39.98 – got them for 9.98 / a pair of GAP jeans – reg. price 79.98 – got them for around 30.00 / a pair of Old Navy khakis – reg. price was 34.99 – got them for 14.99 /2 Old Navy long sleeved shirts – reg. price was around 25.00 – got them for 9.99 / and two long-sleeved tops from Thyme Maternity for 20.00 (reg. price was 35 or 40)

I LOVE sales!

It’s a bit early according to the “norm” apparently, but I was tired of wearing unbuttoned pants to work and being afraid someone would notice!  Also, because I started getting a bit fat… I told the people at my office.  I didn’t want them to think I was eating a few too many cheeseburgers and drinking a heck of a lot of beer.  Just for the record, I don’t drink beer (always thought it was gross) and would never think of consuming any alcohol while I’m pregnant. You can relax now Mom… and yes, I’m taking my folic acid every day.

I think this is probably the only time in a woman’s life where she is super excited about growing an enormous belly, so I’m going to enjoy it for all it’s worth!

Yay for baby bellies! Yay for stretchy pants! Yay for babies!